Gaping Deception In Guiltless Eyes

by Contempty

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released February 16, 2013



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Contempty Brazil

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Track Name: Gaping Deception In Guiltless Eyes
Gaping Deception In Guiltless Eyes

“When our hands are tied
Life presents us with another disgrace
And unable to react
I watch the grief parading before my eyes”

The look now empty by imposition of this course
Lips who forgot what it was to smile
The gaping deception in guiltless eyes
And lastly the wreck of a naive embrace

Grim is the dye that adorns its harmless soul
It feels the pain of this tormenting world
And for this life cries in vain
Of vainly it all goes on

So harrowing became its heart beat
A loveless cadence of horrifying tunes
Vanquished by the ache of fraternal scorn
On the shore of dereliction she’s aground

“Dragged by the dark mud of existence
Succumbed in the struggle for not having more courage
I’m just another dead weight
Yes…that’s what I am…only a fucking dead weight”

“Memories of a dream that no longer belongs to me
Lost in my vast empire of pettiness”
Track Name: The Harpist
The Harpist

…another sunset watered in agony…

The cloudy eyes staring at nothin
Unfortunate shape so full of regret
Embracing itself in recollections
Longing for a distant past

The nocturnal draught asphyxiates my lungs
In the inebriating blood fragrance
My wavering sense aims among the trees
One path to her crimson bed

I hold in my arms her body
Her indifferent mien
My fervid tears so unable to fall
The rigor mortis also devours me

Oh…immaculate garden
Previously so glorious
A paradise for a dreaming lover
But not for me…no more!

I clave the last string of my harp
Thoughtless I claimed her angelical smile
Unmerciful I paralyzed her heart
…I killed her…I killed my love
Track Name: Lifeless

The ancient and stormy evening
My lean shade reveals
My cadaverous aspect
Germinating the seed of sclerosis

My silent groaning smothered by nausea
Grumbling lips swearing my grievous burden
Panting breast praying for extinction

Surrendered to suffering I was seized with fear

Fettered to frustration my body sails
Measured by the tides of a scarlet sea
Built with tears which I once cried
For every unfulfilled dream

At last the colourless light bid farewell
And the carriage of obscurity came to me
A macabre shape stretched to me his hand
And I held it of my own will