by Contempty



Segundo trabalho da banda. Trauma contém uma sonoridade densa. Para adquirir, entre em contato com a banda.


released May 30, 2015



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Contempty Brazil

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Track Name: Woe is Me
Woe is me

The dire galleries of afflicted visages
Where the seed of my helplessness emerges
Absorbing the tears which in persistence
Drop on my displeased countenance

Condemned to bury everyone I love
In this fucking life

Their faces engraved in my memories
Disturbing visions lacerating my sleep

I dream of a life which once dwelt my heart
But it was effaced in solitude
And I’m invited to embrace my fate

I’m breathing the ashes of my illusory world
Burnt by the fleshy reality
The same reality that wounded my eyes
Seducing my steps to desistence

Condemned to bury everyone I loved…
Track Name: My Voiceless Heaven
My voiceless heaven

So where are you lord..?
My faithless soul swayed its wings
Which you…can not to prune!

The hideous flight out of this submission
Away from that cage of lies
Free from the tyranny of an uncrowned king
A deceitful king which I will not wait on

Distressingly the winter rain flayed my face
My barren flesh embraced with the worldly suffering
Through my thorny path I pilgrimage
Unprovided with thy presence

Out of your arm’s reach
Lies up my naked heart
Recovered from the heavenly disease

So where was my god?
When the dreadful veil of death
Trapped everything around me

I raised up my eyes to the sky
And my inner cried out to the blankness
But nothing resounded through the silence
Unless a desolate echo of my own voice
Track Name: In Myself Rotting
In Myself Rotting

Gagged by the impious/ hand of life
Scenery of failure/ rises from pale smiles

As a weed the agony grows in my heart
Watered by tears of everyone I hurt
This is the rot inside me

Embraced with lust
In myself rotting

The fucking time/ compels me to/ move ahead
And rotting/ from the inside out/ I obey

My shameful veil/ I shall wear one more time
To hide/ the displeasure of another morning
And to paint of beauty/ the ugliness of my soul

...the ending breeze starts to blow...

My days was drowned in regret
And the laughing lips
The guilt removed from my face

Unluckily I came in this world
But my ending breeze ‘is to come
And I shall thanks when it arrives
Track Name: Knell of Demise
Knell of Demise

Lost in the ice field of a castle raised above my failures
Lonely and defenseless I found my end

...hello my friend...why this terror expression..?
Come on embrace me...for you I came!

“I am your savior and I’m claiming what is mine
Hear the knell of your demise”

I felt my neck be pressed with fierceness
Cowardly the air was gone from my lungs
And red became my sight
Oh! Please no..!

Fallen on the bare ground a convulsive frame submerged in tears
Wailing for dreams that never will be done

At last the frail curtain of life tore itself
And now the voice of silence sings to me